Sarah Rabinowitz Mognoni

Business Name: Labrador Hill Sanctuary ( URL )
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Phone Number: (856) 768-9980
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Labrador Hill Sanctuary was conceived in 2000 as an alternative to traditional approaches to the permanent housing of equines, with an emphasis on the developmen of true relationships between people and animals. The safety, both emotional and physical, of both humans and equines is paramount at the Sanctuary and is the source of the happiness of the Herd and its human visitors. The feel based horsemanship program focuses on understanding equine communication and behavior and is particularly well suited to the special needs community. Sarah’s training in horsemanship began in the Southwest and in Colorado on family visits to working ranches during her childhood and grew into a passion, in her adulthood, for the preservation of equine life and the highest quality humane education. Sarah is also a practicing expert witness in equestrian/hippotherapy accident cases.


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