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“Do you know what it is like to work with you?”

Think about it, when was the last time you viewed your customers’ experience through their eyes? Working with business owners, solo-preneurs, or business development folks I find they lack a basic experience process or they struggle to execute on the same experience for each client. But having a client experience (CX) isn’t just for large companies who have lots of people and resources. In fact, implementing a CX can be easier than you think…you just have to put it in context of what your clients go through when they choose to do business with you.
In this session you will learn:
• What a solid client experience can mean for your bottom line
• The two main types of client experiences you must plan for
• How the “wow” makes all the difference
• “How to” process to create and implement a client experience immediately

Presented by Stacey Randall

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