Beth Schroeder

Business Name: Simply Health LLC ( URL )
Phone Number: (856) 912-7124
Business Category:Insurance
About the Business:

Owner of Simply Health LLC since 2009, Beth works in private practice to assist patients with cancer or chronic illness to make dietary and lifestyle changes by teaching plant-based food patterns. Beth brings both passion and dedication to improving her patient’s current quality of life and overall survival.

When someone is told by their doctor that they have a disease (cancer, diabetes, heart concern) they often begin treatments that include medications, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or other interventions. Rarely are they instructed about eating fewer processed foods or adding more plant-based foods to support their treatment options.

As a Certified Nutrition Specialist ® practitioner, I have been guiding patients back to health by being as committed to their nutritional intake as they and their medical team. I do this because I know how nutritional intake profoundly affects overall survival and quality of life. I am living proof. Having undergone aggressive medical treatment (1998-1999) for an aggressive breast cancer that included all standard therapies, I pursued an understanding of macrobiotic and plant-based foods to bolster my weakened immune system to battle this disease. That was nearly twenty years ago, before there was much research to support dietary intervention. I am a current survivor of metastatic cancer (2016) and continue to awe my own oncology team.

I earned a Master of Science degree in Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health, which included extensive clinical nutrition, integrative health strategies and research that expands the benefits of plant-based foods to improve outcomes of chronic and life-threatening diseases. At MUIH, I continue as adjunct faculty in the Nutrition Department for online courses. In private practice, I work with patients and their care-givers to support them toward improving health options with nutrition and lifestyle intervention. As a Certified Nutrition Specialist ® practitioner, educator and keynote speaker, I lead others to embrace the transformative effects plant-based nutrition provides the human body.

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