Kalpana Patel

Business Name: Excellence Management Consulting, LLC ( URL )
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Phone Number: 732-259-5555
Business Category:Consultants
About the Business:

Over a 40 year journey of self-evolution through corporate management, franchise business operations and consulting, it became apparent that across the board highly skilled professionals and entrepreneurs are highly motivated,mission oriented, creative minds, innovating to improve all areas of life, focused largely on the products and services. This inspired me to give back by adding value to organizations and teams by collaborating to develop operational best practices, and aid in people development for excellent leadership and communication skills.
Our purpose is to work collaboratively with business entrepreneurs, driven professionals, executive leaders and growth-oriented organizations and take them through an inspiring, engaging process of self-realization and awareness, and equip them with tools and techniques for sustained results.

We offer client enabling services customized based on a client's specific needs to help organize, build operational efficiencies, develop leaders and high performing teams, leading them to performance excellence in three areas:

1. Group Training for employee development
2. Executive Coaching for the leadership team
3. Operations Management

Kalpana Patel is an independent management consultant, offering Executive Coaching, Leadership Team Training and Operations Management consulting services. Enriched with a successful 40 year career, she has worked with organizations at all stages, and successfully delivered in areas of organizational development, growing teams and grooming leaders, and best practices for operations management.

She specializes in working with the executive team to successfully tackle complex problems both organizationally and operationally, to develop tactical solutions, and longer term sustainable initiatives.Kalpana is passionate about coaching teams and individuals for growth with special focus on leadership development of business entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

Address: 12 Sparrow Dr, Princeton Junction, NJ, 08550-2260

Member Since: 01-12-2019
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