LaNette Keeton

Business Name: Serenity Home Healthcare & Nursing Solutions, LLC ( URL )
Phone Number: (856) 344-7982
About the Business:

My name is LaNette Keeton, Owner/CEO of Serenity Home Healthcare & Nursing Solutions, L.L.C. and Serenity Home Infusion Solutions, Inc., located in Sewell, New Jersey. My determined personality and proficient networking skills have enhanced my ability to be successful in the healthcare industry. Owning multiple businesses is quite challenging and I have always been one to embrace challenge. I have sustained a position in the healthcare field now for almost fifteen years and being a woman in business has certainly presented many obstacles. I pride myself on the ability to conquer and overcome whatever is thrown into my path. My agencies are quite successful and we are accredited through CHAP, Inc. We have been serving many counties in the state of New Jersey and have earned our place as one of the most highly recommended home healthcare and home infusion providers in South Jersey. I am a formidable woman with a vision to provide the best in qualitative care and I emphasize my staff to adhere to a completely patient-focused operational culture. I am a firm believer in diversity and in fostering organizational harmony. Professional integrity in any situations involving conflict have always been a strong suit with me and I go out of my way to become as knowledgeable as I possibly can on any and all circumstances. If I were asked to describe myself I would say that I am trustworthy, affable, authentic, extremely meticulous, determined, and an incredibly strategic thinker. My resilience to continue to expand my knowledge is inexorable and my determination to strive for continual improvement is relentless. These qualities are the blood running through the veins of my businesses and it is these attributes that have led me down this rewarding path of helping people.

Member Since: 10/1/2016
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