Shanelle Robinson

Business Name: Wealth and Real Estate ( URL )
Email: Contact
Phone Number: 609-374-9881
Business Category:Consultants
About the Business:

About your company: My name is Shanelle Robinson, licensed Realtor, real estate investor, and owner of Wealth and Real Estate LLC (WARE). My business provides coaching and supportive services to individuals and families who desire to build wealth through investing in real estate. WARE's mission is to help close the generational wealth gap within black and minority communities. I primarily work on mindset shift, which results in my clients gaining a better understanding the importance of creating wealth. I then provide effective education and resources to support the utilization of real estate investing as a vehicle to create wealth. As a result, my clients are equipped with the necessary education and tools to change the lives of their families and empower others within their community to do the same.

About you: I am a wife, mother, sister, auntie, and soccer mom. I love great food and red wine and spend my spare time enjoying both with my close friends and family. I have a passion for helping others achieve their goals. I have a special place in my heart for youth and I believe my true passion is life is helping them become successful adults.

Address: PO Box 391, Burlington, NJ, 08016-0391

Member Since: 01-03-2022
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