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Diversity Issues in the Workplace:

             If you’re creating a diversity and inclusion program, but you want to start by looking at your own organization’s internal issues, that is a great place to start. However, many people find it hard to start a conversation at their place of employment. There are four significant diversity key areas of improvement that can help:

  1. Communication

Open communication is vital to have an open and honest dialogue with your employees. If you have a diverse workplace, communication can be a significant barrier to productivity, inclusion, and general morale. If this is an issue, make sure there is a person that can translate and address the problem at hand or if s/he has any questions or concerns. Moreover, it can help alleviate any stigma or marginalization with not knowing something due to a language barrier.


  1.  Harassment

Unfortunately, 60% of women have experienced sexual harassment at work. Top companies are not immune to their fair share of lousy diversity and inclusion press from this very issue. Ultimately, this indicates that businesses have a long way to go in their diversity and inclusion endeavors. How do we resolve this issue? Again, creating dialogue and open communication between employees and leadership to encourage people to speak up without retribution


  1. Diversity without inclusion

We hear about diversity and inclusion as a pair and why? Too many organizations work hard to increase their diversity but fail badly to make each of their employees feel included and to be their authentic selves at the workplace. It is essential to make employees feel their diversity abridges an inclusive work environment. It is vital to bring all that diversity in and nurture and embrace those differences.


  1.  Generation gaps

Different generations have different viewpoints on working styles, and age diversity can come with unique issues at the workplace. There can be numerous differences between the generation gaps, such as communication gaps, technology skills, and work ethics.


Final thoughts

These current diversity issues are a work in progress. However, some solutions can increase diversity and inclusion programs. First, enhancing a diversity and inclusion program is one of the best ways to improve a company’s culture and establish a sense of belonging for everyone. Also, be current with the tools provided in diversity and inclusion training at accredited institutions that embrace the ever-changing diverse workplace.


Important Dates in History:

January 1 – Emancipation Proclamation (Black American) on this day 1863. President Lincoln declared all persons held as slaves would be free.

 January 4 – Birthday of Louis Braille (People with Disabilities): French educator Louis Braille created a system of reading and writing for those who are visually impaired. His system, known worldwide as “braille,” remains largely unchanged today.

January 6 – Feast of the Epiphany (Christian): a feast day that celebrates the relevance of God incarnate as Jesus Christ.

January 14 – Makar Sankranti (Hindu): a festival in the Hindu faith that is dedicated to the Hindu religious sun god Surya

January 17 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Black American): MLK Jr. was an American Baptist minister and activist, revered as one of the great leaders of the American civil rights movement

January 27 – International Day of Commemoration in Memory of Victims of the Holocaust (United Nations): commemorates the approximately 6 million Jewish men, women and children murdered during World War II


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