Glass Ceiling Awards Gala Nomination Process

Each year at our Beyond the Glass Ceiling Awards Gala Fundraiser, the South Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) recognizes outstanding individuals in the local community who have demonstrated leadership roles in their professions, have been active in their communities and have served as mentors and role models for women business owners and women in business.


The Award Categories

The following categories are available for nominations:

Trailblazer of the Year

First to explore, develop or research a new product, service, trade, medicine,  technique, venture, etc. Someone who is the first to lead

Heroine Award

Someone who is responsible for a heroic act in business, medicine, philanthropy, etc.

Legislator of the Year

A policy-maker who is creating inspiring laws or policies that benefit women business owners

Woman Business Owner of the Year

A successful business owner or entrepreneur who has had an impact on the SJ community

Under 40 Business Woman of the Year

An individual who is a rising star in her community, under the age of 40

Company of the Year

A company (small, mid-size or large) that has exhibited significant growth or has made significant impact on the SJ community

Nonprofit of the Year

A nonprofit (small, mid-size or large) that has exhibited outstanding accomplishments to advance its mission while making an impact on the SJ community.

Women’s Advocate of the Year

Someone who has successfully advocated on behalf of women and/or women in business

Community Advocate of the Year

Someone who is an advocate of the SJ community

Media Advocate of the Year

A news outlet who has advocated on behalf of women business owners in the SJ community

Environmental Advocate of the Year

A company or individual who has made significant strides toward improving the environment, or environmental policy

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate of the Year

Someone who has successfully given awareness to a diverse population in South Jersey


A NAWBO member who is a “rising star” in his or her field

NAWBO SJ Chapter Champion

A NAWBO member who has “championed” our chapter and supported our growth and mission


Who Is Eligible

Nominees must be a resident or work within the South Jersey area and must be able to accept the award in-person on the evening of the gala

Guidelines For Nomination

Nominees should:
-be widely recognized as extraordinarily successful in their field
-have career and work effectiveness that can be documented.
-have had positive influence on others in their field and beyond.

2020 Nomination Period

Nominations for the 2020 awards are closed.

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