Cheldin Barlatt Rumer

For the Member Spotlight, we are featuring Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, THIS IS IT NETWORK™.

Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is the CEO and Executive Producer of THIS IS IT NETWORK™, a global female, minority-owned digital streaming platform. Each day, THIS IS IT NETWORK™ shares inspiring stories with a diverse community of female leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs through educational entertainment. This inclusive and engaging content consists of online video programs and lifestyle blogs hosted and written by various captivating personalities and professionals. Rumer uses her magnetic personality, unmatched energy, and industry expertise to promote the accomplishments and ambitions of her international guests while captivating her global audience of remarkable women. Through a layered media strategy, she intentionally caters to her community’s multifaceted lives, both personally and professionally. Through her SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ online courses and in-person classes, she provides participants with the measurable tools and tactics needed to clarify their personal brand, share their brand stories, and generate results. As an immigrant from Sierra Leone, West Africa, a former Division 1 athlete, a mother of two, an adjunct professor, a personal branding expert, and an author, Rumer works diligently to encourage her audience to no longer whisper their wishes but to scream their dreams.

Rumer new book, SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ – 66 Lessons to Build Your Personal Brand, debuted at #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Release list and is available here:
What tip or tool has helped you in your business?
Personal branding, networking and content creation. Personal branding allows individuals to shape and control the narrative of their identity, showcasing their unique skills, values, and expertise. It establishes a distinct and memorable presence that separates them in a crowded marketplace. Networking is crucial in building meaningful connections, fostering collaborations, and opening doors to opportunities that may not be apparent through traditional avenues. It is a powerful tool for career advancement, knowledge exchange, and professional support. Content creation complements personal branding by providing a platform to share expertise, insights, and authentic narratives. By consistently producing valuable content, individuals showcase their expertise and engage with a broader audience, solidifying their credibility and influence in their respective fields. Together, personal branding, networking, and content creation form a trifecta that empowers individuals to navigate and succeed in the evolving landscape of today’s interconnected and information-driven world.
What’s a favorite quote that you’d like to share & inspire other members?
“Start from Where You Are” This quote emphasizes the value of resilience, resourcefulness, and the belief that every journey begins with the first step, by acknowledging and leveraging the opportunities and resources available now. This quote inspires a proactive mindset that fosters personal and professional growth, empowering individuals to navigate challenges and chart their path to success immediately without hesitation.
What is your go-to business, mindset or productivity book that has helped you in your life and business?
My new book, SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ – 66 Lessons to Build Your Personal Brand, debuted at #1 on Amazon’s Hot New Release list and is available here:
Tell us about your next upcoming business event so that we can share it with our members and followers.
Our annual THIS IS IT NETWORK™ LIVE Women’s Conference will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at Stockton University on Friday, October 25th, and Saturday, October 26th. More information on our previous THIS IS IT NETWORK™ LIVE Women’s Conferences can be found here:

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