March Spotlight: Meggan L. Ciaccia, CPA, Montecino & Ciaccia, CPA

For the March Member Spotlight, we are featuring Meggan L. Ciaccia, CPA, Montecino & Ciaccia, CPA.

Phone: 856-256-1490

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

Montecino & Ciaccia, P.A. is a full service accounting firm serving individuals and owners of small to mid-sized businesses with their tax, Quickbooks, and accounting needs. The firm is known for its expertise in resolving IRS problems as well as providing monthly bookkeeping, Quickbooks, and CFO services to businesses in all industries.

Along with our accounting services for businesses, we want to help our clients grow their business and help them succeed. We don’t just take numbers and give them back in a profit and loss statement. We want to know their goals for their business and work with them to not only reach them but to exceed them. We ask our clients their short term and long term goals, help come up with an individualized plan, and stick by them every step of the way.  With over 60 years combined experience, Montecino & Ciaccia, CPAs, we are able to use our tax and accounting expertise to help our clients succeed.

Founded in 1982 as Charles K. Montecino, CPA, the firm was renamed Montecino & Ciaccia, P.A. in 2014 and became a father-daughter establishment. Located in Sewell, NJ, the firm serves clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. 

Do you have a tip or tool that has helped you in your business?

Build your team and network.  This could be employees, referral sources, business contacts, and even family and friends that support you.  I am fortunate to have family and friends that support me and want to see me succeed.  I became involved with South Jersey NAWBO and have formed relationships, locally and nationally, with like-minded people who also want to help me succeed.   I know that I have a network of people I can reach out to for assistance or advice on any situation that may arise.  

Do you have a quote to share and inspire other members? 

I have two mantras that started as a fitness thing for me but I have been applying them to all areas of my life.  The first is “Be the best version of myself as possible” and the second is “Better than yesterday.”  Once I started to use these phrases broadly in my life, I started to change the way I worked. 

What is your go to business, mindset or productivity book that has helped you in your life and business that you’d like to share?

In 2018, I have been a part of a Mastermind with 7 other women business owners. The group is made up of women of all ages, all areas of the country, different industries, and all involved with our local chapter of NAWBO.  We have been using a goal planner “Cultivate What Matters.”  This group and goal planner has changed the way I have set goals (personal and professional) for myself, helped me determine what I need to do to reach those goals, and what to do once I reach them.  I have been able to track my growth throughout the entire year and make adjustments when necessary.  I have already purchased my 2019 planner and cannot wait to plan for the upcoming year. 

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