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Business Name: THIS IS IT NETWORK™ ( URL )
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Phone Number: 2154354805
Business Category:Art and Entertainment
About the Business:

THIS IS IT NETWORK™ is a global, female, and minority-owned digital streaming platform founded by CEO and Executive Producer Cheldin Barlatt Rumer, focusing on educational entertainment.

THIS IS IT NETWORK™ recognizes the crucial need for platforms that empower and educate remarkable women. We stand at the forefront of this movement with an unwavering commitment to providing lifestyle media, professional resources, event production, and our global membership community.

Each day, we share inspiring stories with our international audience. At the heart of our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™mission lies the core belief in empowering women to embrace their personal brands and unique voices to support their professional growth and development.

More information on THIS IS IT NETWORK™, and our SCREAM YOUR DREAM™ mission can be found by clicking the links below:


About you: Cheldin Barlatt Rumer is the CEO and Executive Producer of THIS IS IT NETWORK™, a global female, minority-owned, digital streaming platform. Rumer uses her magnetic personality, unmatched energy, and industry expertise to promote the accomplishments and ambitions of her international guests while captivating her global audience of remarkable women.

As an immigrant from Sierra Leone, West Africa, a former Division 1 athlete, a mother of two, an adjunct professor, a personal branding expert, and an author, Rumer works diligently to encourage her audience to no longer whisper their wishes but to scream their dreams.

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