February Member Spotlight–Diana Meyer-Counard

For the February Member Spotlight, we are featuring Diana Meyer-Counard.

Diana Meyer-Counard is the managing Principal of Goldfinch Gift Solutions, LLC. With a decade of experience as the Membership Director for two Chamber of Commerce's and as a consecutive award winning account executive at Verizon, Diana understands reputations and relationships are built over time and recognizes the intricate value of client appreciation.
She has taken her unique sense of design, an eye for detail and her relationship-building expertise to create a company that makes and delivers artisan-styled baskets for the discerning customer. She solidifies your company's brand with personalized ribbons using your logo as well as partnering your promotional products in gifts. Her products are gracefully designed to enhance every relationship you have.
With charming containers, artisan foods and whimsical wrappings, each GolfFinch basket showcases a refinement not often seen in the gift basket service industry.
Whether for business or personal, Goldfinch Gift Solutions, LLC wants your gift to deliver a lasting impression for anyone in your life.

What would you like to say about yourself and your business?
Goldfinch Gift Solutions, LLC exemplifies the importance of relationships by creating upscale gourmet gifts that recognize the value of client appreciation. We offer exquisite and imaginative gourmet gift baskets and gifts for every occasion, milestone or to simply say “You matter to me”. With an array of distinguished suppliers, as well as customized ribbon, product placements, and artisan foods, we provide you with a client gifting program designed to solidify your relationships and strengthen your top-of-mind presence in your industry.
What tip or tool has helped you in your business?
Have a plan, specifically a business plan. I truly recommend taking a few classes, possibly at your local college to educate yourself of the fundamentals of business ownership, this will truly pay off! Surround yourself with people in your industry and learn all you can from them. Delegate areas of the business that you don’t have time for to professionals, such as possibly your bookkeeping. Although, make sure that you truly understand what their expertise is. Just because he or she may be a “friend”, does not always make them “right” to work with you in your business. You need to spend money to make money. You should always hire the BEST in services and buy the BEST in products in order to be the BEST in your industry!
What’s a favorite quote that you’d like to share & inspire other members?
“Always deliver more than expected” Larry Page, Co-Founder of Google

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