November Spotlight – Catherine Allen-Carlozo

For the November Member Spotlight, we are featuring Catherine Allen-Carlozo - HFM Investment Advisors, LLC.

At HFM Investment Advisors, we focus on people who lead busy lives and value spending their time pursuing their passions, whether that’s building a business and managing the balance between business and personal wealth, pre-retirees making their retirement dreams a reality, or women facing a new life following a divorce, loss of spouse , or a new career and owning their financial future. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Catherine’s mission for the over 30 years has been to build the sort of client relationships that make them feel comfortable. From calling her for car and house buying advice to helping them construct a new future should they face life altering situations, Catherine’s clients know they have a trusted advisor on their side. Her passion is to educate and empower her clients to make smart financial decisions so they “own” their financial future and not only have peace of mind but also financial freedom.

What tip or tool has helped you in your business?
Listening is very important to me and it gives me an opportunity to truly understand what my client’s needs are getting to know them on a deeper level. It’s the same when networking. I can’t engage with someone if all I’m doing is talking about myself. It has to be genuine and authentic.

What’s a favorite quote that you’d like to share & inspire other members?
My brother who was in the Marines always says, “embrace the suck” which I think is appropriate for so many aspects in our lives. Instead of whining or complaining about something, embrace it and move on.

What is your go-to business, mindset or productivity book that has helped you in your life and business?
The Go-Giver by Bob Burg. Networking is all about giving back and sincerely wanting to learn about the person you’re meeting and how you can help them. It’s all about focusing on the other person and what value you can bring to them.

Tell us about your next upcoming business event so that we can share it with our members and followers.
I’m hosting a live webinar on November 18th at Noon. It’s about asking yourself important questions and what steps women need to do to “own” their financial future. I also have podcasts and interview Women of Influence so the dates vary. All can be found on our website,

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