September Member Spotlight: Corrine Giletto Sales Associate for Vantage Real Estate Services

For the September Member Spotlight, we are featuring Corrine Giletto Sales Associate for Vantage Real Estate Services.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business.

Corinne Giletto brings a multi-faceted business practice and unique perspective to Vantage RES. Corinne’s passion for entrepreneurship is backed by 15 years of experience in the hospitality and food industry as an owner/manager of small business in South Jersey, and 10 years of real estate experience.

Vantage is making incredible strides in the Commercial Real Estate Industry. The firm is dedicated to serving each client. Our founder, Leor Hemo, shows a tremendous amount of work ethic which has transpired in his employee selection process. All of the brokers at Vantage bring a unique background to the table, and we are able to collaborate to understand our clients’ needs and help our clients find the right properties for them.

Corinne’s deep understanding of real estate is a product of her diverse background. Corinne’s specific real estate interests include: strategic planning, space utilization, hospitality, food industry and financial structuring. Corinne brings a comprehensive approach to every business relationship and transaction.

Corinne is an active volunteer and leader in many community and business affiliated organizations. Her passion for leadership extends beyond the boardroom. She is Co-Chair of Programs for the National Association of Women Business Owners and is President and Co-Founder of the Rancocas Woods Revitalization Organization. Corinne’s intelligent, creative yet logical perspective yields a perfect fit with Vantage RES’ culture.


  • Rancocas Woods Revitalization Organization
  • Burlington Camden County Association of Realtors
  • National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO)

Formal Education

  • MBA (concentration in International Business) – Rutgers University, Camden
  • MBA- Saint John’s University, Rome, Italy
  • BS (concentration in Health Sciences) – York College of Pennsylvania

Do you have a business tip or tool that has helped you in your business?

I rely heavily on the art of conversation. It has helped me form the most relevant relationships in business. The easiest way to start a conversation is to talk about simple topics, and simply ask questions… “Have you ever been to…, do you like….., have you ever met…..?” My main conversation starter this summer was talking about my vegetable garden and inability to identify poison sumac. I was amazed by how many people were also trying to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home.

Do you have a quote to share and inspire other members?

“Never hesitate to ask!” This key phrase is applicable to all facets of business. Ask for business, ask for information, ask about the customer, and ask for help. If you do not start a conversation then you will never get an answer.

What is your go to business, mindset or productivity book that has helped you in your life and business?

I keep on reminding myself to just keep moving. It helps you to complete an endless to do list, keep yourself motivated, and progress onward and upward. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by extremely motivated and energetic women (and men) in my life. I think about my mom raising three kids, starting a business from the ground up, and keeping care of the entire household. I think of both of my grandmothers who were a part of the work force when it was not the norm. I think of my sister’s continual dedication to get everything done. Also, my father never let any of us quit anything without a fight, and I approach each challenge as a battle between the task at hand and myself. Having worked in my family’s business, Cater 2U, since I was very young has given me a unique perspective on how to work and multitask across all business functions.

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