April Member Spotlight-Helena Duzenksi

For the April Member Spotlight, we are featuring Helena Duzenksi, Rosy-Doz Media.

Helena Duzenksi, owner and founder of Rosy-Doz Media, believes whole-heartedly in the power of story-telling and has been a storyteller her whole life. She believes strongly that all written and video content – every single word and/or video frame – tells a story or is part of a larger narrative. If you want your content to be persuasive and compelling, to draw people in and inspire them to take action, it requires a good story.

Some of Rosy-Doz Media services are copywriting and content writing for businesses, video production for businesses and non-profits, and family documentaries.

Favorite Tip or tool:
The best business tool I have is the relationships I’ve developed. That’s why I love NAWBO. Shallow, card exchanging networking has never served my business, not once. But, the relationships I’ve developed through NAWBO have served me ten times over.

Favorite quote:
I don’t have a favorite quote per say, just a philosophy. Jump in. Usually, I am scared out of my mind, but that’s when I know it’s right. Because, it’s in the stretching that we grow. And, as long as I’m growing, I know I’m on the right track.

Go-to book:
I love Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art. It’s all about breaking down the barriers and pushing through those internal blocks we have to achieving our dreams and goals. I recommend this book to EVERYONE, not just those in the creative field. Usually, we are our own worst enemies and there is too large a gap between our potential and our existence. This book helps you close that gap.

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