BBE Promotions by Bonnie Brooker

Not only do they want it – they expect it: Your Clients – the ones who give you business and help you stay afloat in good times and bad. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, but some form of recognition is expected.

Holiday Gifts. 

I’ve been selling promotional items for about 25 years and was a buyer of them prior to that. There are always cool and new items, something different…but truth be told once the novelty wears off what they really appreciate is something useful to use over and over again with your logo.

One year we gave out really nice “mink” blankets and a very important client told me in June that she loves to take it the movies theater because they are always so cold.  This year we are giving out a high quality umbrella. Different from the items you lay on tables at conventions and trade shows which we call flood items (costing less than $1.50).  A high-quality item is remembered and appreciated. 

So many things have changed in my industry. It has become a global manufacturing experience. I once needed 100,000 paper bags with a handle which I usually purchased from China. But at the time there was talk about tariffs being added to all items China sold the USA. So we ended up purchasing them from Cambodia. Items take a little longer, but for high quantity the savings are significant. 

Of course, I would prefer to buy all items in USA, and many of my clients demand it, but the items being offered are very limited. The USA manufacturers are working on it but it’s a slow process.

I love what I do and find the diversity of it exciting – I consider myself very lucky.

Bonnie Brooker
BBE Promotions

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