As an Indigenous individual deeply rooted in my culture, spirituality, and connection to nature, I am honored to lead a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultural, spiritual, and nature conservation. Our mission is not merely a business endeavor, but a sacred duty entrusted to us by our ancestors and the Earth itself. My organization embodies the essence of our Indigenous heritage, weaving together traditional wisdom, modern conservation practices, and spiritual reverence for the land. Through our art, books, and work, we strive to preserve and protect our cultural heritage, safeguard sacred sites, and promote harmony between humanity and the natural world. At the heart of our efforts lies a profound respect for the interconnectedness of all life and a commitment to stewardship that transcends generations. We believe that honoring our traditions and nurturing our relationship with the Earth can create a more sustainable and harmonious future for all beings. Our work is not just about conservation; it is about revitalizing our cultural identity, reclaiming our sovereignty, and empowering Indigenous communities to be guardians of their lands and traditions. Together, we stand as stewards of our ancestral homelands, united in our dedication to preserving the rich tapestry of Indigenous cultures and the precious ecosystems that sustain us. In essence, our organization is a living testament to the resilience, wisdom, and spiritual connection of Indigenous peoples, and we are humbled to play a role in safeguarding the legacy of our ancestors for generations to come.


What tip or tool has helped you in your business?
One invaluable tip or tool that has greatly supported my cultural, spiritual, and nature conservation mission is the practice of holistic community engagement. By fostering genuine connections with local communities, local stakeholders, and like-minded organizations, we have amplified our impact and cultivated a shared sense of responsibility for our cultural and environmental heritage. Through collaborative partnerships, dialogue, and grassroots initiatives, we have forged bonds of trust and mutual respect essential for meaningful and sustainable change. By listening to the voices of those most affected by conservation efforts and incorporating their traditional knowledge and perspectives into our work, we ensure that our initiatives are culturally relevant, inclusive, and effective. Furthermore, community engagement has empowered us to leverage collective strengths, resources, and expertise to address complex challenges and implement innovative solutions. Together, we have overcome barriers, advocate for policy change, and create lasting positive change in our communities and beyond. In essence, community engagement is not just a tool for our business; it is the cornerstone of our approach to conservation. By prioritizing collaboration, inclusivity, and reciprocity, we honor the interconnectedness of all life and harness the collective power of Indigenous wisdom and resilience to create a more sustainable and equitable future for future generations.
What’s a favorite quote that you’d like to share & inspire other members?
One of my favorite quotes that encapsulates the essence of our mission and inspires our work in cultural, spiritual, and nature conservation is: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children,” according to a Native American proverb. This profound wisdom reminds us of our sacred duty as stewards of the land and custodians of our cultural heritage. It emphasizes the interconnectedness of past, present, and future generations. It underscores the importance of preserving and protecting the Earth for the well-being of all beings. This quote serves as a powerful reminder of the intergenerational impact of our actions and the responsibility we bear to safeguard the Earth’s resources and honor the legacy of our ancestors. It inspires us to act with mindfulness, reverence, and humility, recognizing that our choices today will shape the world we leave behind for future generations. By embracing this timeless wisdom and living in harmony with the Earth, we can cultivate a more profound sense of connection, purpose, and belonging and ensure a legacy of sustainability, resilience, and abundance for all life on this planet. I also like to say, “We do not kill time; time kills us!”
What is your go-to business, mindset or productivity book that has helped you in your life and business?
One book that has profoundly influenced my mindset and my approach to business is “Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants” by Robin Wall Kimmerer. As an author of Indigenous mystical books, I enjoy likeminded works of art. In this transformative work, Kimmerer, a botanist and member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, beautifully weaves together Indigenous wisdom, scientific inquiry, and ecological consciousness to offer profound insights into our relationship with the natural world. Through rich storytelling and lyrical prose, Kimmerer invites readers to reframe their understanding of the Earth as a living, sentient being deserving of respect, reciprocity, and gratitude. She explores the concept of “reciprocal relationship,” emphasizing the importance of giving back to the land and honoring the gifts of the Earth with humility and gratitude. “Braiding Sweetgrass” deepened my appreciation for the interconnectedness of all life and inspired me to continue with my Indigenous wisdom and ecological principles in my work in cultural, spiritual, and nature conservation. It reminded me to approach my business with a mindset of reciprocity, stewardship, and reverence for the Earth, fostering a more profound sense of purpose and connection to my ancestral heritage. This book continues to serve as a guiding light on my journey, reminding me of the inherent wisdom of the natural world and the transformative power of living in harmony with the Earth. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking inspiration, wisdom, and guidance toward sustainability, resilience, and holistic well-being.
Tell us about your next upcoming business event so that we can share it with our members and followers.
I’m delighted to share with you our upcoming business event, which promises to be both impactful and transformative. Our organization is hosting the launch of our Tree Trimming Apprenticeship Program in collaboration with our Climate Corps and AmeriCorps and the United States Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship, at the Reserve. During this event, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about our innovative apprenticeship program designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue rewarding careers in the tree trimming industry. Through a combination of hands-on training, classroom instruction, and mentorship, participants will gain valuable experience and certifications that will help them secure living wage employment while also contributing to environmental conservation efforts. This event will feature presentations from program leaders, testimonials from past participants, and networking opportunities with industry professionals. Attendees will also have the chance to learn about our organization’s broader mission and initiatives, including our commitment to cultural, spiritual, and nature conservation. Together, we can empower individuals, strengthen communities, and create positive change for our planet and future generations.

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