Heart House

We are “The Heart House”…we emphasize the “The” when saying it…sort of like when students/alumni say “The Ohio State University.”  We say it this way because we are proud.  Proud to work for a company that puts emphasis on service.  Our commitment to our patients is to have our customer service be as high of a priority as our clinical service.  That’s what we say to all prospective employees when we are interviewing them.  My analogy is as follows (I’m giving permission to anyone who wants to use it): 

When you go to a restaurant that is known for having great food, but the service stinks, chances are you won’t go back to that restaurant.  However, if you go to a restaurant that has good food, BUT the service is incredible (your server is pleasant, anticipates when you need a drink refill, gets you ketchup for your French fries without you having to ask), chances are you not only going back to that restaurant, but you are going to tell your friends how great of an experience you had.  That’s what we, at The Heart House, strive to deliver- an experience for our patients that makes them remember the front desk person who smiled at them when they were greeted; the medical assistant who makes the patient feel comfortable during intake; the clinicians who  make you feel like you are the only one they are seeing today- are we perfect- no; no one is.  Do we strive to create this every day and make necessary improvements to get there- yes.  That’s our commitment and responsibility to our patients and their families.

At the end of the day, we are fortunate to live in a region where we have excellent clinicians- even our competitors are great doctors.  That’s a win for all of us.  So why choose The Heart House (we thank our patients for choosing us)- because we believe we do it better.  We are cutting edge; we participate with all the Hospital systems and therefore can send our patients to the one where we believe that they can get what they need; our access is better- we can get patients in more timely; and lastly, we are consciously working to create the ideal patient experience.


Josh A. Ginsberg
Executive Director
The Heart House

(T): 856-546-3006, EXT 2223

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