6 Tips for Better e-Newsletter Engagement

Thinking about an email marketing campaign? Consider this: for every $1 your business spends on email marketing, the ROI is $42. Think social media gives you more? Not so – email marketing’s conversion rate is 40% better than Facebook and Twitter.* 

Establishing good email marketing practices is key to your campaign’s success. Here’s some tips to consider:

  1. Catchy Subject Line

The subject line is a make-or-break feature to your newsletter. Good ones get opened, dull and long ones don’t. Using words like You, Tips, or Secret help to convey a sense of urgency. 

  1. Call to Action (CTA)

Every email should have a CTA. Be sure to tell readers what you’d like them to do. 

CTA’s move readers further along in your sales funnel.

  1. Don’t Be Salesy

Fact: people don’t like to be sold – offer valuable information instead. Readers appreciate pearls of wisdom in every issue, which also helps gain trust.

  1. Short + Sweet

Keep your feature article at three paragraphs. Over that will have your readers ‘saving’ your email for another time – which may never come. 

  1. It’s All About Them

It may be your newsletter, but the content is all about the reader. What do they want to know more about? Think like your audience.

  1. Easy On-the-Eyes 

Cluttered and poorly formatted email templates are the fastest way to lose readers. 

  • Use responsive templates that automatically adjust the screen to mobile, tablet or desktop viewing
  • Choose a template that is easy to edit and showcases your brand clearly and professionally. 


Click here for more tips about newsletters that get results. (LINK ‘Click here’ TO: https://makefirstimpressions.com/execute/newsletter-packages/ 

*Source: Campaign Monitor, Snov.io Labs



Nancy Sipera is the president of First Impressions Marketing, a full-service, award-winning marketing firm in Cherry Hill, N.J. that works with business owners and leaders who understand the impact that marketing can have on their bottom line. Visit First Impressions Marketing online at www.MakeFirstImpressions.com

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