May 2022

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging


The month of May is mental health month! With mental health entering increasingly of our daily conversations, everyone must have a foundation of knowledge about mental health. We are more comfortable talking about physical health than mental health, but both are equally important. Mental health plays a massive role in your overall well-being. When you are mentally healthy, you can enjoy life and the people in it, such as feeling happy, maintaining positive relationships, and coping strategies for stress. Of course, it is typical for your mental health to shift because change is inevitable. However, creating positive habits is a great way to support your mental health when you’re doing well and helps develop strategies to use if you face symptoms of mental health condition.

Also, social and cultural factors often impact the mental health of communities that have traditionally been marginalized. These communications experience overt racism and bigotry far too often, which leads to mental health burden that is deeper than what others may experience. Social and economic factors can put women at a greater risk of poor mental health than men. However, women find it easier to talk about their feelings and have networks such as NAWBO, which can help their mental health. Remember, to take a deep breath and find help if you need it!

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