September 5 is the International Day of Indigenous Women

             The International Day of Indigenous Women is celebrated every September 5 to commemorate all women belonging to the world’s Indigenous peoples and to make their heroic deeds visible. Since 1983, Indigenous people from different countries have celebrated this date with the honor that the women who carry these communities’ cultural and ancestral heritage deserve, as well as those who died in the fight against discrimination and abuses committed against this gender and ethnic group throughout history. 

             It is necessary to recognize the importance of ancestral knowledge that Indigenous women preserve for the food subsistence of Indigenous Peoples and many other nonindigenous people who, in one way or another, receive the benefits of this knowledge. 

             To ensure that Indigenous women can enjoy all their human rights, States must adopt measures to empower those women, grant them access to meaningful participation in the civil and political spheres, and improve their social and economic conditions.

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