Retirement is starting to look different, and that’s because people are living longer. The CDC reports the average life expectancy for men is 73.2 and 79.1 for women. And many people are living much longer, which is why you need to consider longevity in your retirement planning.

Of course, it’s easier said than done. Gender disparities widened in the U.S. workforce during the pandemic, according to the Pew Research Center. As women, one step we can take today for our future is to negotiate our wages. An article by Harvard Pon highlighted how men were more likely to negotiate their wages. And even if there is only a slight difference in pay, it adds up over time. 

Negotiating a higher, fairer salary for yourself might allow you to save more for your future by investing more, putting more into social security and increasing your savings. So at your end-of-year review, consider negotiating for a higher pay raise. Be prepared with bullet points or summaries of what you have done to improve the job and the company you work for.  They may not always see your value so it is up to you to let them know your worth.

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