April is National Stress Awareness Month to raise awareness of the negative impact of stress. No single definition of stress exists, but the most common explanation is physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension. While not all stress is bad, long-term stress can harm physical and psychological health.

It’s critical to recognize what stress and anxiety look like, take steps to build resilience and manage job stress, and know where to go for help. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides some tips on how to build resilience and manage job stress. Take some time to visit their website and familiarize yourself with ways to manage your stress.

Studies have shown that Black women have more anxiety and stress, leading to chronic stress caused by health disparities associated with chronic stressors, including perceived discrimination, neighborhood stress, daily stress, family stress, acculturative stress, environmental stress, and maternal stress. They are likely to suffer the twofold consequences of social anxiety resulting from the interaction between racial and gender discrimination compounded by health and socioeconomic disparity.


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